Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kiwami by Katsuya Uechi

Kiwami is Katsuya Uechi's newest addition in Studio City. This will be a totally different style of restuarant compared to his others. He has a private dining sushi counter that he will be working at 4 days a week, which will be a tasting menu of sushi, sashimi and hot items from the kitchen as well. Here is where you will be able to try Chef Katsuya's latest creations from his personal playground. Call for reservations@ 818-763-3910

eric arakawa surf designs

Eric Arakawa will be coming out with a new line of custom surfboards and t-shirts this month. This line will complement the artists that are behind each and every Arakawa Design Board. Eric has a select group of craftsmen for each step of the manafacturing process that goes into the building of a custom surfboard. This is where you can come and design your board with the finest resin tints, pinlines, airbrush and polish available on the North Shore. Stay Tuned................